Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos-
-Anaheim Chiles
-Pasilla Chiles
(I use both when I’m making rellenos. I like to use Pasillas, they are larger, thicker and not ever spicy. Anaheims are hit and miss as to whether you get a mild or a fire flavored chile! Pasillas are the bigger dark green peppers usually right next to the Anaheims.)
-Monterey Jack cheese
-Eggs (yolk and whites separated) ( usually 1 egg for every two chiles unless using huge Anaheims or the Pasillas then 1 for 1 give or take)
-Salt and Pepper
- Canola oil
-Sear the chile skins on an open flame…the bbq grill is perfect. When blistered (the better they blister, the easier they will peel) and blackened, place them as they come off the grill into a paper bag. Close it up, let them steam for a good hour (longer is fine). Under running water peel the skins off the chiles. It’s not the end of the world if not every bit of skin is off, but most should be. At the same time, make a slit in the chile lengthwise starting at the stem going as far down as needed to get the seeds out. Pull the stem off if you wish or leave on for presentation.
-Cut cheese into pieces about the size of individual string cheese snacks. Smaller if chiles won’t hold that size or bigger if using pasillas, etc.
-Insert cheese into chiles, wrapping chile around it if needed (don't worry if chile rips, wrap it around, it'll all come together when it is cooking).
- Beat egg whites until form soft peaks. Fold in yolks.
- Heat oil (2” deep? Enough so that the chiles will float)
- Roll the chiles in flour, dip in egg mixture, place in the hot oil.
-Fry until golden brown, flip and cook until 2nd side is golden, place on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels in a single layer to drain, season with salt and pepper.
The first time is a pain, you’ll say you’re never doing it again. You will. They are too good not to. The eggs will separate a bit, just gently stir with a wooden spoon or your hand each time you’re going to dip a chile. Your hands will be a mess, have tons of paper towels near by!
I think that’s it…read it thru and let me know if you have questions. It would be so easy to SHOW you!!  J

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