Thursday, December 29, 2011

Basil Chicken

This recipe requires no salt, uses lots of basil and produces a rich flavor throughout the chicken. And, it's so easy!

1 whole chicken
black pepper
crock pot

Remove skin from chicken. Rinse inside and out with cold water. Pat dry. Put a good tsp of basil inside chicken cavity. Pour a good amount of basil into the palm of your hand and sprinkle all over the outside of the chicken. You will probably think it is too much, but it is not. You will just about cover the meat with the basil. Sprinkle black pepper on top of basil. Place breast side down in crock pot, cover with lid, set on low and leave it alone. The juices from the chicken will be sufficient liquid, no need to add anything else. Cook time depends on the strength crock pot you have, see your owner's manual. Meat is done when tender and juices run clear when cut into.
You can also roast chicken in the oven if you'd rather. Place in dutch oven, before seasoning, rub a little olive oil over the bird. Cover. Depending on the size, it should take 1 to 1hr 45 mins @ 350 deg.

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