Thursday, December 22, 2011

California Roll

Botan Rice (sushi/sticky rice, I think I usually make a double serving)
1 lb imitation crab
1 pkg Nori Sheets
2 avocados
1 cucumber
Toasted sesame seeds
Soy sauce
Chili Garlic Sauce – Tuong Ot Toi viet-Nam – (green lid, rooster on label, in Asian section of market)
Best Foods Mayo
Seasoned rice vinegar
Bamboo roller

` Make rice – when done, transfer to large bowl to cool, turning occasionally to help aerate and cool faster
` Add vinegar – shake a liberal amount over rice, mix around and taste. You should be able to taste the vinegar…adjust to your liking (do this earlier in the day, cover and let sit at room temp)
` Shred crab with fingers – add mayo and chile sauce (both to taste. Just enough mayo to coat crab and a tsp to a TBL for the chile sauce as a starting point
` Slice avo
` Peel cucumber – cut in 4’s lengthwise, slice seeds off – cut in strips (12 total?)

` Rolling –
` Place nori on bamboo roller
` Spread rice on most of sheet leaving a strip to set the cuc and avo on
` Add crab mix
` Sprinkle sesame seeds on rest of spread out rice
` Start rolling slowly, carefully tucking starting end of roll under as you roll. Guide with roller as you go, keeping roll as firm as possible.
` Set in fitted pan (cake pan works well) with edge down to seal. Refrig for at least 30 mins.
` Slice rolls with finely serrated knife – I find this keeps the rolls together best.

` Make wasabi – turn dish upside down and let sit at least 5 mins
` Mix wasabi with soy sauce, dip rolls into and enjoy!

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