Friday, December 23, 2011

Roasted Sausage, Brocolli & Potatoes

5 lb bag Russet potatoes (washed & diced, you will use most of the bag…use your judgment as to when you think there is enough) 
2 pks mild Italian Sausage (cut in thirds or halves…depending on size of broccoli pieces)Produce bag of broccoli (washed and cut into ‘trees’ – use entire stalk if not tough)
2 Onions (thickly sliced)
Garlic (roasted, lots or raw, crushed and minced, lots)
Seasoned salt
Black pepper
Bell pepper (cut in strips - if you like, I don't like and don't use)
Large cookie sheet
Heavy duty aluminum foil.
Can either bbq for 30-45 mins each side or roast in 350 oven for 2 hrs. Time is not exact…potatoes should be tender.
Lay large sheet of foil out. As you layer food, be sure to leave space around edge (at least 2”) so you can roll up and pinch to seal.
Layer potatoes, season with season salt and pepper.
Layer garlic
Layer onion
Take broccoli tree insert into sausage piece and mold around ‘tree’ stalk with your hand. Lay on top of onion, etc.
Lay another large sheet of foil over top. Fold, crimp and seal all four sides. Put directly on grill, med heat. Carefully flip half way thru cook time. If baking in oven, place bottom foil on large cookie tray. Seal as above, throw into oven for 2 hrs @ 350.
When done, potatoes and broccoli will be tender. Slit top, let rest 10 mins. Serve.

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